Helpful Resources 

The following resources are free or offer limited trials. These may be recommended within an assessment or utilised within support sessions. 

Time Management and Organisation 

Google Calendar - this is an effective online time management resource which is integrated with other Google software 
Trello - this app allows you to create cards for tasks that you need to complete. Each card moves across the Trello board as you start, progress and compete each task 
Mytomatoes - this virtual kitchen timer is a good way to motivate you to work in manageable chunks of time 
Evernote - this app allows you to set down your thoughts and ideas. It provides various aids such as a voice recorder, notes and images. You can create lists, record tutorials, add text attachments and share files 


Grammarly - this software can aid grammar, vocabulary and spelling, and can also assist with style and tone. It highlights errors and offers suggestions for correction. 


MindView - this software helps you to create mind maps which are helpful for organising your research, linking ideas, planning and revision. 


Audio Notetaker - this software allows you to combine audio recordings, photographs and Powerpoints with your own notes. 
Sonocent Recorder - this app can be used with Audio Notetaker. It enables the recording of audio using your smartphone (Android and IOS). 

Research and reading 

Texthelp Read & Write – this software facilitates independence in reading, writing and self-expression. It is text-to-speech software, which reads aloud on-screen text. It also includes screen tinting and screen ruler options which are helpful for those with visual disturbances. 

Study skills 

MyStudyBar – this software is designed to support the complete study cycle from planning and structuring thoughts and ideas to support with reading and writing. It includes colour overlays, text-to-speech and assistance with typing skills. 
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