Workplace Needs Assessments / Access To Work 

1) What is a Workplace Needs Assessment? 
A workplace needs assessment is performed by a specialist workplace needs assessor and focuses on the specific challenges the individual in the workplace is experiencing in relation to their designated work tasks. Following the assessment, the workplace needs assessor will write a report setting out recommendations for adjustment which the assessor believes will help the individual cope more effectively in the workplace. 
2) What is the process? 
The workplace assessment process involves a one to one meeting in the workplace between the assessor and the individual to establish the challenges they experience with their designated work tasks. The key process is: 
Prior to the meeting, the workplace assessor will obtain background information about the role performed by the individual and perform a review the job description and key responsibilities involved 
During the meeting, the assessor will review the working environment, taking account of the physical working location, work tasks and current workaround processes to complete more challenging tasks. 
Following the meeting, the assessor will produce a report with recommendations or ‘reasonable adjustments’ which should be put in place for the individual to improve how they complete their designated work tasks. Such adjustments can include new or modified equipment (including training on how to use the equipment) and one to one coaching and development to support the individual in their role. 
3) Who can have a Workplace Needs Assessment? 
Workplace needs assessments can be requested in relation to a variety of different disabilities including those with 'processing differences' (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia & dyscalculia) or physical conditions. A workplace needs assessment with Abacus will include a half hour one to one discussion with your principal line manager to explain the assessment and the required reasonable adjustments which will be captured in the report at the end of the process. 
4) How to book your Workplace Needs Assessment 
You can contact us to arrange a convenient time for your workplace needs assessment, which you can also book online. We will then contact you and your employer to outline the process further. 
Once an appointment has been booked, we will confirm this via email. 

Access to Work 

Access to Work is a government-run programme that enables anyone with a disability to access support. This applies to you whether you are employed or self-employed. To fully enable your performance, and enhance your wellbeing in the workplace, you can refer yourself to this service. 
Please see this factsheet to read more about Access to Work 
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